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Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park May 14, 2019

Report by Linda Pearce - The weather for our hike was not what we would expect, or hope for, in mid-May. It was misty at times and the temperature hovered around 40 degrees, but we were happy that it didn't rain. Nine hardy souls ventured out for the 3+ mile walk on Andy's Trail that took us along the perimeter of the park. On the upper trail we encountered many large trees across our path - the work of ambitious beavers. The highlight of our walk was being able to observe for several minutes a beautiful male Scarlet Tanager just a short distance off the trail. As he flew from tree to tree, staying in the lower branches, he seemed to be observing us also. We enjoyed many spring wildflowers along the way, including red and white trillium, Jack-in-the-pulpit, blue cohosh, toothwort, Canada mayflower (wild lily-of-the-valley), Soloman's seal, wild oats and bellwort. We appreciate Currie's knowledge to identify these plants for us. It was really an enjoyable hike for us, in spite of the weather.