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The Susquehanna Chapter meets once a month on the third Wednesday in the evening. Most meetings are held at the Elm Park United Methodist Church rooms at 401 Chestnut Street in Oneonta starting at 6 P.M.with a covered dish supper. For those not attending the supper, the program starts at 7 P.M. And it is followed by the business meeting. All interested persons may attend a meeting, both members and non-members. Your executive committee, wishing to reduce our carbon footprint, encourages members from outside Oneonta to carpool to meetings and activities.


All meetings are held at Elm Park United Methodist Church, 401 Chestnut St., Oneonta.

Apr 17 - MONTHLY MEETING - Regular Meeting at Elm Park United Methodist Church, 401 Chestnut Street, Oneonta. Bring a dish to share and your own table service for 6 p.m. meal followed at 7 p.m. by a presentation by Jack Ewen - “Pictures and Perception - Vietnam 2017” -11 days in a country that has been conquered, controlled, and attacked for centuries, and the perception that they are emerging, made this a rewarding trip. We compared the advantages of our country, tried to understand our quest to wage war on them, and respected their ways, especially their positiveness. It re-clarified our personal values that we seem to have forgotten.

May 15 - MONTHLY MEETING - Michael Kudish - "Catskill Forest History" - Dr. Kudish received his PhD at the N.Y.S. College of Environmental Science and Forestry at Syracuse. His dissertation on the history of Catskills forests was the beginning of a lifelong study; in 2000, Purple Mountain Press published The Catskills Forest: A History. Before his retirement, he was a professor in the Division of Forestry at Paul Smith’s College. He has written four books on the vegetation of the Adirondacks, including Adirondack Upland Flora and a number of articles on forest history of both the Catskills and Adirondacks. Now living in the Catskills, he continues to research mountain bogs and write about railroad geography. Dr. Kudish has been studying Catskill Mountain bogs since the 1990s. His research is the foundation for recreating the Forest History of the Catskills since the end of the Ice Age.

Jun 19 - Picnic at Gilbert Lake State Park - 6:00 PM - Note this change: This year we have rented the Beach Pavilion, not the usual Briggs building. Items may be dropped off at the Handicapped Parking area, but event parking for the Beach Pavilion is further along the road, behind the bath house at the beach (see map). Entry to the park is free after 6 pm. We will eat at 6:00 pm, but feel free to come earlier and enjoy the beach. Those attending often take a walk together after dinner, on the little trail that runs around the lake shore. New members and families with children are especially welcome to come out for this picnic. There is a playground as well as the beach, with a beach house for changing; and the entire area is delightful to explore. Because there is no formal program, there is more time for visiting, so this is a good occasion to get to know other
members better, in a very pleasant setting.