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More Photo Options

You could upload your photos for free to - The software there combines the photos into a very nice slideshow and produces a "snippet" of code that you insert into your Drupal page that will display the photos as a slideshow like the one below. Click on one of the "sliding" photos and the photo window gets larger. You can choose from a group of different transitions.

Or you could use Picasa2 Photo software to create an index page of thumbnails from a folder of photos. You have to load those photos to some site on the WWW and provide a link to the folder. You have a lot of space available at this trial site. This involves using FTP software (File Transfer Protocol) - but that has become a lot more user friendly. The big advantage to this is that users have the option of clicking on a photo to enjoy a larger and larger version - until it can fill the screen - truly transporting them "into the scene."