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List of Trip Reports - Clicking on "read more" often reveals photos of the trip

Hike to Bilderebeck County Forest - March 26, 2019

Report by Liza Mundy - Nineteen hikers met to take a long awaited hike to Bilderbeck County Forest, via Arnold Lake State Forest, in the town of Hartwick. Fourteen hikers braved the deep snow (30" fell in the area over the weekend) while five hikers elected to walk around the lake. Joe Sweeney, Otsego Cty Forest Technician, led the way. Some were lucky to have snowshoes and skis while others trudged thru the deep snow for 3.75 miles. Joe spoke of the history and future plans for the forest.


Bulldog Run Trail, Delhi, NY - Jun-4-2019

Trip Report by Glenda Bolton - Thirty-four Eager Hikers - A Beautiful Spring Day - A Scenic Trail - What more could we ask for? A new hike for ADK, The Bulldog Run, part of the Delhi Trails, was our destination on June 4th. Along the trail we witnessed all the beauty commonly associated with the Catskill Mountains: lush greenery, wild flowers, massive rock formations, old tree stands, and outstanding vistas. It was great that some long-time members of the club were able to join us. We also welcomed some new hikers. Hopefully the group enjoyed this hike as much as I.


Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park May 14, 2019

Report by Linda Pearce - The weather for our hike was not what we would expect, or hope for, in mid-May. It was misty at times and the temperature hovered around 40 degrees, but we were happy that it didn't rain. Nine hardy souls ventured out for the 3+ mile walk on Andy's Trail that took us along the perimeter of the park. On the upper trail we encountered many large trees across our path - the work of ambitious beavers. The highlight of our walk was being able to observe for several minutes a beautiful male Scarlet Tanager just a short distance off the trail.


Mud Lake Hike – May 7, 2019

Report by Aleda Koehn - Twenty happy hikers turned out for the Mud Lake hike, thankful that the weather was holding and the promised rain had yet to arrive. As always, two steep pitches and then a gradual up uphill. After all the recent rain there were wet places and the brook crossing was a bit more challenging than usual. Eventually all made it to the other side by various routes and we continued our walk.


Franklin Mt. Hike - April 30, 2019

Photos by Irene Jervis - On a cool spring day Rod and Sally Hebbard led the ADK hike on Franklin Mountain. The highlight was the festival of daffodils displayed in their neighbor’s yard. Click on photos to enlarge.


Hike from Wilber Park to Youngman Ave - April 23, 2019

Report by Tracy Verma - On the beautiful, pleasant day of April 23, 2019, 27 ADK members including new hikers, joined the hike led by Tracy Verma up over Wilbur Park and back.


Gilbert Lake - April 9, 2019

Photos by Betsy O'Brien - Jim Austin led hikers on the “Deer Run Trail” at Gilbert Lake State Park in Laurens, NY. Click on photos to enlarge.


Pine Lake Hike – April 2, 2019

Report by Bob Ciganek and Julie Smith - Finally. A crisp and sunny Spring Tuesday morning greeting 19 ADKers at the Pine Lake Environmental Center. From there we hiked through the heavily wooded trail hugging majestic Charlotte Creek. Not far from the creek and high in a well-branched sycamore resided an active nesting pair of Bald Eagles.


Gilbert Lake Hike - March 19, 2019

Report by Aleda Koehn - Aleda Koehn - It was a cool but sunny day as 17 hikers started out on the connector trail from the small parking lot at the north end of Gilbert Lake. From Fred's photo you might think it was a walk on a dry trail. Not at all!