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ADK Crew Completes Work on New Trail to Lyon Mountain

ADK Crew Completes Work on New Trail to Lyon Mountain

Adirondack Mountain Club PRESS RELEASE: Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2008

LYON MOUNTAIN, N.Y. -- The Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) Professional Trail Crew has completed work on a new hiking trail to the 3,830-foot summit of Lyon Mountain, one of the most popular hiking destinations in the northern Adirondacks.

Governor Signs Law to Protect State's Old-Growth Forests -- ADK Update

Adirondack Mountain Club
CONSERVATION UPDATE Governor Signs Law to Protect State's Old-Growth Forests

Gov. David Paterson has signed into law a bill to protect old-growth forests in New York State.

Adirondack Mountain Club Conservation Update

Plan Protects Catskills While Enhancing Recreational Opportunities

The state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has completed its revision of the Catskill Park State Land Master Plan, which balances new outdoor recreation opportunities with better protections for one of New York's greatest natural resources.

Betty & Wilbur Davis State Park Hike – Sep. 2, 2008

On Tuesday, Fran Darrah led 19 ADKers along the Andy’s Trail of Betty & Wilbur Davis State Park. Most of the trail went through woods but meadow areas opened up ridge-view vistas. The hike finished with lunch in the gazebo. Photographs are: 1) Willow Pond, 2) fruits of Jack-in-the-Pulpit, 3) a North Woods cabin, 4) ridge view, 5) hollow stump, and 6) lunch.

Photographs by Scott & Doug Fielder

Greenwoods Conservancy Hike - August 26, 2008

Monica and Irv Peters obtained permission from Earl Petersen to lead 20 ADKers in the Greenwoods Conservancy area of the Hartwick State Forest area. On the way we saw Cranberry Bog, two beaver dams, heron’s nests, and a rocky gorge. On a grassy site the group enjoyed lunch and a delicious dessert prepare by Monica. Photographs are: 1) The Hike Leader, 2) Starting the Hike, 3) Cranberry Bog, 4) Cranberry Bog, 5) On the Dam, 6) View Through the Trees, 7) Turtlehead Flower, Chelone glabra, 8) Hawk, 9) Serving Dessert. Photographs by Scott & Doug Fielder and Currie Marr

Schenevus South Hill Hike -- August 19, 2008

After an ominous start to the morning because of rain showers, 15 brave souls set out from the Fielders' home in Chaseville, driving to the end of Taite Road on Schenevus South Hill. The hike was on private land and began by passing a network of ponds with interesting statuary keeping watch. Progress was slow for awhile due to an abundance of blueberries which delayed hikers, some of whom were equipped with plastic bags for collecting. Currie Marr was frequently called on for his expertise as a mycologist because there was also an abundance of fungi and a great variety as well.

Westville Airport Breakfast & Bike Ride - August 16, 2008

On Saturday, August 16, fourteen ADKers and friends assembled by 8:30 at the Westville Airport for the Middlefield Volunteer Fire Department's monthly Fly-in Breakfast super meal -- $6.50 buys all you can eat of pancakes, eggs and sausage with OJ, coffee, tea and cocoa. The proceeds from the breakfast benefit the fire department. The breakfast goes from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM and we were told that 480 people came out to get the breakfast and enjoy the nice little grass runway airport.

National Public Lands Day on Sept. 27 at Glimmerglass and Betty and Wilbur Davis State Parks

We will be celebrating National Public Lands Day on Sept. 27 at Glimmerglass and Betty and Wilbur Davis State Parks. We would like to invite members of your group to join us. We are in the process of finalizing our plans for the day. Some of activities planned are tree planting, wildflower planting, and trail marker placement. The State Biologist, Tom Hughes, will be giving a presentation at the Beaver Pond. Lunch will be provided to all volunteers.

Decatur's Scenic Roads - Hike August 12, 2008

Gerda and Ivan Gyori led 18 ADKers on a walk along the scenic roads of Decatur. Besides ever changing vistas, many wildflowers were observed including the Helleborine Orchid, observed the previous week at Moe Pond. The hike ended at the Gyori’s house where we enjoyed looking at Gerda’s flowers, particularly a healthy specimen of Edelweiss. Under sunny skies we enjoyed a pleasant lunch and ice cream on their deck.