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List of Trip Reports - Clicking on "read more" often reveals photos of the trip

Help Maintain Glimmerglass State Park Trails, June 7, 2008

Saturday June 7, 2008, Help Maintain The Trails from 8am-11am: The Friends of Glimmerglass State Park, Inc. is a newly formed not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to help support the mission of the park. We are celebrating our first National Trails Day on June 7. We welcome any ADK members to participate. Free Park admission with registration. Sign up 8am at the beach house. Free lunch for participants. Please contact Karen Sheckells at the park (607-547-8662) with any questions about this event or about having any other events at Glimmerglass State Park.

Hike from Fernleigh Farm to Star Field with Photos

18 ADK members gathered at the Clark Sports Center on Tuesday, May 6 then proceeded to Fernleigh Farm on the East Side of Otsego Lake. The Clark Estates property overseer met them and told them a bit about the Fernleigh Farm area that they would be walking. The group then headed out on the tote road to VanYehres Road, and up the hill to the carriage trail eventually leading to Star Field. It was a beautiful day, lots of sunshine and mild temperature, which unfortunately brought out all of the black flies!!!!!

Nature Photographs by Carol Saggese

These Beautiful Iconic Memories of Nature are the creation of ADK Member, Carol Saggese, and include: 1) Barn at Riddell State Park, 2) Tree Stump with Lichen , 3) Leafy Greens of Spring 2008, 4) Ice in Milford State Forest, 5) A Dead Tree with a Twist, and 6) The Queen’s Lady’s Slipper, Cypripedium reginae. This orchid is found throughout the Northeast. The range is from Newfoundland south to New Jersey and west to Missouri.

Photographs on this page by

Volunteers Needed for National Trails Day in the Catskills

The following information concerning National Trails Day is now on the ADK Web site, The direct link to the NTD info is

Paul Ertelt
Communications Director
Adirondack Mountain Club
(518) 449-3870
(518) 810-7741 (cell)

The Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) is celebrating National Trails Day in the Catskill Forest Preserve on Saturday, June 7, 2008. Volunteer trail crews led by experienced ADK leaders will spend the day maintaining sections of trail throughout the Catskills.

Milford State Forest Hike 4/15/08

Milford State Forest Hike, Tuesday April 15, 2008: Twenty-four participants enjoyed a sunny hike along paths in an area that has not been hiked since the tornado of 1998. The trails have been cleared of logs and many species of young trees occur, including Larch, Spruce, Fire Cherry, Maples, and Birch. From right to left photographs are: 1) bubble under ice, 2) trail puddle, 3) Surprise Pond, 4) snack time, 5) lunch, and 6) lunch again.

Photos of FLT - Oquaga Lake State Forest Hike

ADK Tuesday Hike April 8, 2008: Linda and Stef Seifried led this Finger-Lake-Trail trip that ended with lunch at Oquaga Lake State Park. Fourteen Club members participated on this sunny, warm (58 F) day in the area known as the “Arctic State Forest.” The green ruffle on the tree is a Leafy Lichen (foliose type) and flat lichens are often referred to as a “time-stains.” That nick-name indicates how slowly this composite organism (fungus + alga) grows. The diameter of this specimen reflects an age of many years.



OUR GOAL ADK’s goal is to provide you, the volunteer, with the unique
opportunity to give something back to trails. Our volunteer projects are
inherently educational and include not only trail maintenance and
reconstruction techniques, but also low-impact camping and natural history.
Ultimately, we will complete a quality trail project that will protect
the natural resource for many years. You are guaranteed a fun and
rewarding experience participating as an ADK Trails Volunteer!


The state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation is holding a series of public workshops across the state on the topic of trail development. These workshops offer ADK members an excellent opportunity to be heard on the development of new hiking trails and the maintenance of existing trails.

We urge those who attend to speak out about the lack of adequate state funding for trails in the Adirondack and Catskill Parks and on state forest lands, including the Finger Lakes Trail and the Long Path North.


Ed Sidote, chair of the Finger Lakes Trail Conference, will
speak about the Finger Lakes Trail and show photos of various points
along the way in a presentation on Thursday, April 17, at 7:30 p.m. in
the Red Dragon Theatre of the Hunt College Union at the SUNY College at
Oneonta. Admission to the event is free, and members of the community
are invited to attend.

The Finger Lakes Trail, a long-distance hiking trail with many
day options, runs from the western Catskills across the southern tier
to the Finger Lakes region. The Finger Lakes Trail Conference, Inc. was